Untouched world-class dive sites

Alor is renowned for being the paradise for macro dives and untouched world-class dive sites. It is a thought after destination given its remote location, but it offers the best virgin landscapes and seascapes. Go for a muck dive and unearth rare critters living in the area or go for an incredible drift dive along a wall covered with healthy colorful coral… The Alor archipelago is composed of 92 officially listed islands which offer a wide range of opportunities.

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Dive on unique sites in this thought after & almost forgotten area

Diving Cruise ALOR & FORGOTTEN ISLANDS | 12 Days / 11 Nights

Discover Maumere, Alor & the Forgotten islands, 
Maumere to Saumlaki 
Departure 2021
- 24th Sept

490$ per day instead of 550$
Total 5885$/person FULL BOARD

Up to 3 dives/day

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Day 1 : Maumere - Bacatan

The crew will be ready, waiting for you in Maumere harbor, on Flores Island! We organize your pick you up at the airport or your hotel and after a fast transfer, you will start to enjoy your holidays! Welcome onboard! You will take possession of your cabin, while the crew will lift the anchor for the start of the cruise. We will have an overnight cruise to the area of Bacatan (in the North of Kawula Island).

Day 2 : North of Bacatan

This vast area is most commonly known as Alor. In the North of Kawula Island, we will enter this huge bay and make our first dive on Bacatan Ledges. Few dive sites are available in the beautiful area and one drift dive will be offered where you will see pelagic such as eagle rays, tunas and sharks. You will have another dive on a wreck of a small fishing boat, attracting impressive marine life in Takat Prau. We will also go in Padang Pasir to examine the white sand and see the pyjama cardinal fish, juvenile barramundi cod, stonefish… A night dive in Padang Pasir is really interesting too.

Day 3 : Pantar Strait

We will keep cruising East and reach Pantar Strait, which is located between Pantar and Alor islands. In the middle of the channel, we will dive around Pura Island where you will swim in the middle of the Anemone City, the reef is entirely covered with hundreds of Anemones… You will surely meet the people living on this small island are the kids are greeting divers in and outside the water. They traditionally make wooden goggles and bottles!

Day 4 : Kalabahi Bay

Kalabahi Bay is located at the extreme west of Alor Island. The highlight of this bay is its population of Rhinopias, a rare species of fish that can only be seen in few places in the world. We will go for two impressive muck dives where on the side of the Rhinopias, you will be able to admire octopus, frogfish, ghost pipefish, squid, cuttlefish, weird and wonderful shrimps and nudibranchs galore! We should go Rocky Church and Pertamina Jetty dive sites.

Day 5 : Alor Island

Today, let’s take a step out of the boat and discover the ancient tribe of the Abui. We will visit a small authentic village to meet this tribe and they will share their traditional dances and ceremonies with us. A very unique experience in Alor!

Day 6 : North-West of Wetar Island

We will stop in the waters of Reong Island, in the North-West of Wetar. We will be arriving in the part called the Forgotten Islands. These islands are so called because of their remote locations on the far East of Banda Sea. This arc is only accessible to Liveaboard, and it gives it a unique atmosphere of discovery and exciting adventure. We will dive on big and deep walls, healthy reefs, and discover the huge diversity of the area. Everything is bigger in Banda and you might also have the chance to see a schooling of Hammerhead Sharks!

Day 7 : Nyata Island

Super healthy reefs with hard coral formations everywhere. Few dive sites are available in the area of Nyata Island. We will go dive on Nus Leur which is a small atoll where we can admire a deep sloping reef with Napoleon Wrasse swimming by, a wonderful coral garden. In the afternoon, we should go to Damar dive sites which has a great hard coral garden where it is also interesting to go for a night dive!

Day 8 : Nila & Nil Desperandum islands

The waters around these sisters islands go pretty deep and therefore we have more chance to encounter big species of pelagic. We will definitely be looking for a shoals of Hammerhead sharks! On the side of the large pelagic, you will also notice the impressive reefs covered with healthy and abundant coral.

Day 9 : Dawera Island

Anywhere around this island make a fantastic dive site! We know few special spots to make you discover: an impressive soft coral reef such as the ones we can admire in Raja Ampat, a huge school of Barracuda hanging around, a hidden pinnacle with untouched reef… We will definitely go for some dives to explore the reef and see big schools of jacks and batfish, schooling pyramid fish and triggerfish and hundreds of fusiliers all try to avoid the hunting reef sharks and jacks… A majestic show!

Day 10 : Tanimbar Island

On our last full day onboard, we will enjoy two dives in the water of Tanimbar Island. Later, you will enjoy your last sunset aboard the boat and start packing your luggage.

Day 11 : Saumlaki harbor

Today is the day to say goodbye… After a nice breakfast, you will share your pictures, videos and memories with others and do your check-out. You will be disembarking in Saumlaki harbor, in Tanimbar Island. 

* Please note that the itinerary and services mentioned above are subject to be changed if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require the captain or the crew to do so. However, we will always do our best to stick to this program.

How to reach Alor?

There are two ways to reach Alor, you will arrive in Alor Island, main island of the archipelago. You can reach it by plane of by ferry. Leaving from Bali, it will only take you 2 hours and 30 minutes from Denpasar airport and a bit more than 2 days if you decide to take the bus and the ferry. The second option is obviously much cheaper, but we always recommend the plane at it is way easier and worry free.

Best Season?
It is possible to dive in Alor all year round but preferred from March to December. To tell you, the nectar is from October to November as you take all your chances against the rain. Anyway, we arranged the best with our partners, they are always the experts in the area and know the region like the back of their hands equally for the dive sites, itinerary and navigation forecasts. We carefully selected few itineraries with our partners to offer you the best of this unspoiled archipelago.

How to get to Alor

The unspoiled wildlife & world-class dive sites

In Alor, you will have the chance to see many rare marine animals who enjoy the quietness of the waters of the area. Among them, you can expect to see the mythic Mola Mola or giant Sunfish, the Dugong, Pilot whales and large schools of dolphins… Without talking about the macro species. You can find the incredible Rhinopia and the Psychedelic Frogfish among others beautiful critters. In other words, in Alor get ready to be amazed!

Excursion to meet the Dugongs
If you want to meet the Dugong, we offer a specific expedition that will take you to their habitat, you will go for few dives among them and discover this particular species! Drop us a message for more info about this excursion.

Off the beaten tracks
When you walk out from the water, you can expect breathtaking landscapes from the top of the hills, remote and authentic villages cut off from modern civilization, dry vegetation and savannah mixed with green Eden and crystal blue waters…


A traditional way of life

The Alorese
You will discover the inhabitant from these remote islands who are living in harmony with Nature and their environment. They preach a traditional and sustainable lifestyle, and this gives its unique value to the environment of the Alor archipelago. The nature offers a profusion of marine diversity and big population of each species, this is the perfect environment for these beautiful species to expand. The population is mostly living from the fishing activity. However, they decided to only catch what they need to live and the whole process is made sustainable. Effectively, they only use handlines, traditional underwater fish traps and harpoons to fish. Without surprise, these sustainable fishing methods fit perfectly the underwater environment and leave it untouched. Marine life is having its best in the area!

Authentic culture
Outside the water, don’t forget an immersion in the local culture and visit the traditional village of Takpala where Alorese will show you their customs, clothes, houses, and traditional dances.

Alorese Tribes

What should you expect?

Going to Alor archipelago, you should obviously privileged scuba diving in the different bays and discover the numerous reefs, drops off and walls that composed this magnificent underwater environment. Dive sites are discovered every day, the map is still in full expansion as this area is a divers’ thought after. With the current and the specific topography of the area, the reefs and corals are some of the healthiest and most diverse in the world. This bring an incredible marine diversity and there is dive site for divers of every level with sheltered coral gardens and others in open water with strong current. On the side of the underwater world, discover the stunning beaches and tranquility of Kepa Island which is almost uninhabited island. Don’t miss Maimol Beach which offers a perfect combination of blue skies, green mountains, and turquoise water.

Alor Archipelago a Paradise for Scuba Divers