Want to do some snorkeling on the Liberty Wreck & Tulamben coast line?

Well, let's get wet! Snorkeling the Liberty wreck is pretty easy as the wreck is only a few meters away from the shore. This 120m long wreck is quite shallow, it's an idealistic spot for snorkelers.
While snorkeling the Liberty you will see a lot of damselfish, unicornfish, sweetlips close to the surface, as you approach the wreck, you will start to see a huge shade, then here you are, just above the most famous snorkeling/diving spot of Bali. Don't forget to keep exploring the coast toward south, you will pass by Coral Garden and its field of anemones colonized by clownfish, depending the season you may also encounter blacktip reef shark. Then if you keep going at some point you will see a big school of fusiliers just before to reach the steep Drop Off wall.


Not guided

Very easy and accessible, as all spots are max 40m from the shore.

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Free water refill and WIFI available

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