It is possible to see the Mola Mola and Eagle rays at Buyuk. You will not be able to miss Angel fish, Scorpion fish, Box fish, Clown fish, Bat fish, Nudibranchs, Mantis shrimp. Turtles and white tip sharks have been spotted from time to time.

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Hard and soft coral grow here out of sight along this slope. Other coral have invaded the rocks in the 12 meters zone. From 18 meters, look to the top of the slope and admire the colours!

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The site is superb between 5 and 20 meters. The more experienced diver can make a stint at 30-40 meters depending on their level, to try their luck at spotting a giant Sun Fish, Mola Mola!


Kind of Diving

Spot the Mola into the blue!

The current is generally very weak at Buyuk, whatever the tide. This site is perfect for an exploration dive. Open your eyes and look out to the blue!


This site is for every diver. We take our Open Water students, and experienced divers alike.

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