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Take your first diving lessons, the Open Water Course. Your first scuba diving certification.

The Open Water is the most popular dive course in the world. It has allowed millions of people to discover the magnificent ocean floors and to be a part of the diving community and the lifestyle that comes with it.

The SSI open water course allows you to dive world-wide within 18m just as the PADI open water.

SSI provides quality learning material, you have access to all your courses and certification cards on the same application, the MySSI app is FREE so don’t wait any longer and download it now, link is available in the footer. Once your profile is created you can download the Try Scuba program, it will grant you access to the three first chapters of the Open Water Course for FREE. 

You have to read these three chapters before starting the confined water session, count up to three hours to complete it. We will unlock the three last chapters once you’re done with it. After the lunch you will be off to sea for 2 dives on 2 different sites (maximum depth will be 12m). You will review some of the skills practiced earlier and will then have time to explore the fantastic marine floors of Amed. On the 2nd day, you will have 2 ocean dives (maximum depth will be 18m) to complete your course. Return to the dive center, you will finish the theory with your instructor and you will be certified! You will be certified online, no more lost or forgotten card. 

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Your best diving experience in Bali is just one click away

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Your best diving experience in Bali is just one click away

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