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Raja Ampat is a must go for every snorkeler and diver. The region is renown worldwide for its incredible biodiversity. You must have already heard of the “Four Kings” which is the translation of Raja Ampat. These Four Kings represent 4 main islands of the Raja Ampat archipelago. However, in total this wonderful archipelago is composed of 612 islands!

Your best Snorkeling experience!

Come do the cruise of a lifetime in Raja Ampat on a Snorkeling specialized Liveaboard, we prepared the best itineraries for you and the amazing crew will make you live the best trip of your life. The partner we selected is the expert in the area with more than 15 years cruising in the area, they know all the snorkeling sites and we consider them as The Best. Enjoy the whole vessel with your friends by booking a full charter, you will have more options and find yourself in this privileged environment for the best experience. The boat can welcome a maximum of 8 guests, easily fit your dream team. Nevertheless, booking by cabins are advised too as you will be able to meet great other adventurers during the cruise!  Three itineraries are available for you to choose, these two are short cruises, more specialized, easy to appreciate and budget friendly: North & Central or Central & South Raja Ampat. Both have their advantages and highlights; we carefully selected each snorkeling spots with our partner to make sure that you will get what you enjoy the most. However, the best option is to visit the whole Raja Ampat region with the ultimate snorkeling cruise of 12 days. The itinerary has been made to give you the most of what this region has to offer, you will stay speechless facing this incredible beauty and diversity…

North & Central Raja Ampat: you will embark on the vessel in Waisai harbor and go for a 7 days and 6 nights cruise. With this itinerary, you will have the chance to dive in many dive sites of the North of Raja Ampat, you will go to Gam, West and North-West of Waigeo Island, Kawe Island, Wayag islands, Pianemo Island and Dampier Strait. This cruise has a famous itinerary that offers the perfect combination between oceanic snorkeling sites and colorful reefs highlights. You will also be able to enjoy the deserted beaches and adventure kayaking in small bays to discover your own spots.

Central & South Raja Ampat:
 for this itinerary, the boat leaves from Sorong and goes to Central and South of Raja Ampat for a minimum of 8 days and 7 nights. The itinerary can be reverted or extended for organization purposes. You will go through the stunning tiny strait that separates the islands of Salawati and West Papua. This area is composed of many islets and small bays that can’t wait to be explored. We will head to the South-East of Misool and dive in wonderful sites between Daram, Pelee and Yellit. After few days, we will cruise back North to the West of Batanta and Pianemo Island. We will end this wonderful trip with the exploration of the famous Dampier Straits and then go back to Sorong harbor. This itinerary is full of amazing snorkeling sites, the snorkelers’ paradise. You will get some oceanic snorkeling dives, take your time to snorkel in the clear blue mangrove and inspect all the wonderful corals in the area.

Raja Ampat Ultimate: 
this itinerary is composed of the whole Central & South Raja Ampat itinerary plus many additional snorkeling dive sites in the area of Gam and Dampier Strait as well as some more visits on-land and activities in the water (kayaking, paddling...). A much more complete option for 12 days and 11 nights!

Best Snorkeling Spots in Raja Ampat

Make the best of Raja Ampat archipelago

Snorkeling Cruise RAJA AMPAT | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Central & South Raja Ampat, 
Waisai to Sorong

11th May
5th June
2nd, 11th & 21st Aug
9th & 19th Nov
3rd Dec

Departures 2023:
10th Jan
3rd & 13th Mar
29th Apr
23rd May

280$ per day instead of 325$
Total 2235$/person FULL BOARD

Up to 3 snorkeling sessions/day

Please refer to the FAQ Section

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Snorkeling Cruise Raja Ampat 8 days 7 nights

Day 1 : Sorong to Waisai

On the first day of cruise, the cruise director and divemaster will pick you up from your hotel or airport and take you to the boat. 2 hours ferry separates you from Waisai, the entry habor of Raja Ampat, where the vessel waits for you. Once on board, relax and enjoy a welcome drink while the cruise director briefs you with the on-board safety and rules. After the short briefing, take a seat in your cabins and discover your new home while waiting for the bell to announce lunch. After eating, you will have time to rest before going to one of your first paradisiac beaches for a first snorkeling dive. Later, we will lift the anchor to proceed to the next destination.

Day 2 : Friwen & Kri islands

We will drop the anchor in front of Pulau Urai for one of our secret snorkeling spots. As you approach a sumptuous beach, discover a rich reef with multicolored hard corals, parrotfish, batfish, surgeons and maybe even your first turtle or your first shark. For your second activity, we will set foot on Friwen Island where you will visit a typical village of Raja Ampat. Another snorkelling session will take you drifting along a 20-meter-deep wall covered with anemones and vivid red corals. After lunch, you can discover Kri Island for another drifting snorkeling! Barracuda, big-headed Trevally, reef sharks and countless fish… At the end of the day, the boat will drop the anchor in Yenbuba Bay. Your first sunset on the deck will allow you to spot dolphins or other fishes.

Day 3 : Mansuar Island

Wake up in the sublime area of Yenbuba Bay and start your day with a snorkeling session in front of the Yenbuba village, pontoon that you will visit afterwards! On the wooden pillars of this pontoon grow gorgonians and other soft corals while oriental sweetlips, carrangues and soldier fish gather, finding refuge in this submerged structure. Your second snorkeling is very close, on the corner of Mansuar Island. Jump into the current among jacks, barracudas, fusiliers and other fish and drift over a splendid coral garden where turtles, rays and sharks are commonly seen. After lunch, you will go for a third dive in Tanjung Putus. As soon as you get back on board, we will head to Wayag.

Day 4 : Wayag Archipelago

This day is dedicated to the incredible and unique Wayag Archipelago. Untouched paradisiac environment, magnificent land and sea topography, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place. Explore the archipelago by speedboat to measure its splendor, climb to the top of Mount Pindito to measure its extent and dive around its landforms or take a kayak ride to contemplate its nature. If conditions allow, you will enjoy a BBQ on our private beach. After an unforgettable dinner in a dream setting, the boat will cruise to Aljui Bay.

Day 5 : Wofoh Island

Welcome to Jurassic Park. You wake up surrounded by this luxuriant nature to the sound of birdsong that celebrates the beginning of the day. A speed boat tour is set for you this morning. Enjoy an exceptional special cruise before heading back to Wofoh Island where you will do your first dive in a shallow coral garden or along a wall covered with life, as you prefer. The place is also suitable for kayaking and paddle boarding. Sheltered from the currents, enjoy the calm and silence of this magical place. Another snorkeling session awaits you in Yeben, a desert island surrounded by reefs where sharks and tuna are almost always guaranteed. We will spend the night here before sailing to Pyanemo Island early in the morning.

Day 6 : Pyanemo Island

Welcome to Pyanemo, one of the most famous places of Raja Ampat. Incredible snorkeling around the islets of Melissa’s Garden, Batu Rufus or even Keruo Channel awaits you. Observe large Napoleon fish, Barracudas, sharks and thousands of colorful fishes in breathtaking coral gardens with varied topographies. Plateau, wall, tunnel, everything here is made for the pleasure of the eyes. At the end of the day, you will descend ashore for a short excursion to one of the best-known viewpoints in the archipelago. While the sun's rays reflect the beauty of its sunset, admire the natural configuration of the islets of Pyanemo with the beautiful Phinisi in the background, waiting for your return onboard.

Day 7 : Arborek & Mioskon Island

This morning, you will do a snorkeling dive in Arborek area with the aim of meeting the famous, graceful and impressive manta rays. Let yourself drift above one of their cleaning stations where these majestic giants come to swim peacefully. For your second dive, we will return to Mansuar Island to stop in front of Saundarek village. Life here is abundant, near the village pier, dozens of species evolve in tight benches to create a breathtaking spectacle of life. Huge giant clams live under the pier, a delight for photographers. In the afternoon, the boat will park near Mioskon Island for a final snorkel session. Above a shallow reef, thousands of small fishes scroll by at the speed of light. Surely one last experience that you will not forget. At the end of the day, enjoy a wonderful sunset and a quiet dinner in the shelter of Mioskon Island. After dark, we will sail back to Sorong and you will arrive at the port in the early morning.

Day 8 : Disembarkation in Sorong

Depending on your flight schedule, your pick-up has been arranged. After a delicious last breakfast onboard, a souvenir photo with the whole crew and warm memories sharing, it's time to say goodbye and check-out.

* Please note that the itinerary and services mentioned above are subject to be changed if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require the captain or the crew to do so. However, we will always do our best to stick to this program.

How to get to Raja Ampat?

This region of Indonesia is quite remote and remains preserved and pretty much untouched. It is one of the reasons why we can find this incredible biodiversity. On-land landscapes are stunning especially in Wayag and Pianemo which offer internationally famous panoramas. The views to expect are a mix of virgin green abundant nature as well as some savannah touches, hills and deserted beaches, the whole of it surrounded by clear blue water. Therefore, there are plenty of activities to experience on-land.

Raja Ampat archipelago is easy to reach by plane. If you leave from Bali, the fastest is to make a stop or transit in Jakarta. The whole journey is only 10 hours from Bali. After that, many other options are available but for cruise departure you should land in Sorong airport in Raja Ampat, to make it easier for pick up to reach the harbor. Other transport options are available such as the combo bus and ferry. It makes the journey much much cheaper but takes much more time (more than 4 days from Bali).

Once you arrived, you have everything at hand. The cruise crew will pick you up at the place of your choice in Sorong area or at the airport. After that, let’s head to the harbor and the vessel to start your Snorkeling cruise!

Raja Ampat Snorkeling Cruise Best season

Biodiversity & Snorkeling conditions

Raja Ampat is a paradise for Snorkelers, given the water clarity, you can see everything from the surface. You will be amazed by the number of Snorkeling dive sites available; this is a world-class destination for everyone fond of Snorkeling! The biodiversity is unique, one of the richest in the world. You can find 75% of world’s coral diversity there! This is a proof that nature made it different over there. On the side, this incredible diversity attracts as many fishes as you could expect. In this archipelago, you will find small and hidden bays and small straits as well as open sea and big straits. These are the perfect features so you can see many different species. The currents light or strong bring different kinds of marine animals…

In Raja Ampat magnificent archipelago, among the flow of species, you can expect to encounter oceanic Manta rays, schools of fishes such as Barracudas or Mobulas, Wobbegong or Carpet shark, many varieties of shrimps and crabs… There is for every taste, you will no longer know where to look; get ready your camera ready and make amazing shoots of the colorful reefs and species. You will always be distracted by something else… Snorkeling there is amazing, full of profusion! If you’re mostly fond of reefs, corals and marine flora, you should definitely go snorkeling in Cap Kri, Blue Magic or Melissa’s Garden which are renowned for being the best snorkeling sites to discover this marvelous underwater environment.

For the snorkeling conditions, you can expect the water temperature to be consistent around 29°C. The best season to dive in the area is from October to May. The topography of the snorkeling sites varies a lot according to the site chosen, you can find underwater hills, huge rocks and pinnacles but also drop off, wall covered in corals and several Manta’s cleaning stations!

Raja Ampat Snorkeling Biodiversity

The on-land treasures of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is composed of 4 mains islands, Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool are the main and biggest island in the region. The region itself covers 40.000 km2 in West Papua province. Wayag Island and Pianemo Island are internationally famous for their magazine landscapes which you must have already seen and thought that this is paradise. On the side of the stunning landscapes and sunset you can find in this region, it is also renowned worldwide for being the nest of the Birds-of-Paradise. What is the Bird-of-Paradise? An extremely rare bird, composed of few species only and having its only habitat in Raja Ampat region. There are many there and as you might imagine, this species is exotic and wonderful, they are not called “Birds-of-Paradise” for no reason. So, yes, it is also the ornithologists’ heaven and they are numerous birds’ tourists and researchers travelling the islands. 

Don’t miss the islands activities! 
We absolutely recommend you to soft hike or walk to the top of the hills in Wayag Island and Pianemo Island as they offer the best panoramas you could imagine. We also recommend you to go for some paddling and/or kayaking in different bays of the park as you will cruise above the wonderful coral, visible with the pristine water. Don’t forget a sunset cruise with a view on the islets and the ocean, when the sun goes down colors are just breathtaking.

Raja Ampat Dream Destination

Raja Ampat Best Snorkeling Sites

There is no doubt that Raja Ampat is the best place in the world for Snorkeling. You can find more species of coral and fishes than anywhere else in the world! We identified for you the best Snorkeling sites you should absolutely go at least once. Let’s start with two amazing spots to see majestic Manta rays: Manta Sandy and Manta Ridge. These snorkeling spots are in fact Mantas’ cleaning stations, they come to the surface to eat some plankton and get cleaned up by smaller fishes, a real show for everyone! We can also recommend Yiliet Beach if you’re fond of sharks. This snorkeling spot is characterized by many inoffensive baby black tip reef sharks, an amazing experience. In the waters from Pianemo Island, few dive sites are renowned for their reefs at only few centimeters deep, you can see everything, the colorful corals, sea fans, sponges with all the marine life running through and inside this small lagoon. Don’t miss the Dampier Strait, its mangrove and the Sauwandarek jetty. The mangrove in an amazing underwater forest where you can find many different species while the Sauwandarek jetty, you will examine the water pontoon and the wooden pilings to discover all the incredible marine life. You will see many schools of scads, a vast coral garden that goes either way of the jetty.
Raja Ampat counts numerous amazing snorkeling sites and this short list can’t fully represent the amount of possibilities and diversity present there. However, you definitely to go for some snorkeling dives on these sites.

Raja Ampat Best Snorkeling Sites