Manta Rays! Usually a little smaller than on the site of Manta Point, but there are much more! It is very common to see their fins pop out of the water in between the waves created by the swell crashing onto the rocks on the shore. Bamboo and nurse sharks are often encountered, either sleeping under rocks, or swimming on the coral floors of the bay. It is not out of the ordinary to see dolphins from the surface but also in the water!

Black Manta Ray in Nusa Lembongan, Penida thumbnail
Giant Manta Ray in Nusa Lembongan:Penida thumbnail


Soft coral, but this is not the point of interest of this site, focus on the Manta Rays...

Pomacanthus Semicirculatus, Semicircle Angelfish in Manta Bay, Nusa Lembongan, Penida thumbnail


Shallow dive at a depth of about 10 meters. A cleaning station for Manta Rays is at 13 meters. There is no reason to go deeper!


Kind of Diving

Dive with the Manta Rays

No season to see Mantas here, there is 95% chance of seeing them all year round, not bad eh?


For all levels! If you are on an initiation, open water, advanced etc.. We are all amazed by swimming with a Manta Ray!

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