Become a Pro in Bali : Divemaster course with Dive Concepts Bali !

Dive guide course (Level 4) Become a professional !

If you are searching for the first step in becoming a dive professional, start your career now by coming to do a dive guide course with Dive Concepts Bali. By establishing a privileged relationship day by day with your Mentor, your head instructor, this very gratifying course will teach you the different aspects of the underwater guide profession, but also the inner working of running a dive center, and give to divers an unforgettable experience. The guide course level 4 : Divemaster is a requirement for the instructor qualification.

Our Divemaster Bali Course has been designed to suit your specific needs. Contact us today for your SSI or PADI divemaster certificate in Bali. See you soon underwater!

Your Divemaster course

What are you going to learn?

During the Divemaster course, you will learn how to answer to the demands of the clients by adopting role model behaviour, thanks to theory courses but also thanks to the experience acquired with your Mentor. After having studied the theory, swimming pool sessions and swimming tests, you will learn to organise and manage dive groups, answer adequately to their questions before and after diving.

For more details on our offers, please check our Zero to Hero page, we have multiple internship options.

What will you be able to teach?

With your Dive Guide Course you will be authorized to:

  • Assist an Instructor during all recreational diving programs.
  • Plan, organise, and lead certified divers groups.
  • Refresh basic exercise sessions in the Scuba Review.
  • Assisting instructor conducting the exercises of a Diving initiation in confined water.
  • Register to the underwater photography instructor course, you will be able to teach divers this specialty in the center you work for.
  • Lead independently the students of the Open Water Course during the dive discovery part of the course (dives 2,3 and 4 of the level 1 course). With a maximum ratio of 2 students to one guide level 4.
  • Escort the Open Water Course students under the indirect supervision of the instructor for the following parts :Surface swims, to and from the entry and exit points of the water.

The equipment you will use

You will use all the basic diving equipment along with many other accessories : underwater slate, knife, compass, dive computer...
It is also strongly recommended for the course that you invest in your own dive equipment, so that you will be more at ease on diving courses that you will lead, because you'll be the most familiar with it.

Educational tools

You will have at your disposal on your Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop all online training material via MySSI & the SSI Professional package:

- Cue cards/Wet notes &/or evaluation slates.
- Dive Guide online theory.
- Science of Diving online theory


To start the course you must :

- Be a minimum age of 18 years
- Have passed your level 2: Advanced (or equivalent from another organisation)
- Have passed your level 3: Rescue Diver (or equivalent from another organisation)
- Have passed your Emergency First Response (EFR) since at least 24 months
- Have at least 40 dives to start the course, 60 dives minimum are necessary to obtain the guiding level
- Be in good shape and have a medical certificate dating back less than a year.

Continue your adventure

After the divemaster course you can continue in your career by becoming an instructor.
If you take your Divemaster course with Dive Concepts Bali, don't forget we have some great packages offers for Dive master & Instructor Training Course ITC, more details on our Go Pro page or on the Go-Pro ebook available bellow!

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Your best diving experience in Bali is just one click away

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