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Raja Ampat Snorkeling

The best biodiversity in the world

The reputation of Raja Ampat being one of the best places in the world for diving, snorkeling and underwater photography, is a title that is very well deserved. This 50,000sq km paradise is surrounded by over 1500 smaller islands and is home to the world’s highest marine biodiversity, with around 540 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks, around 75% of the world's species live here.

Raja Ampat Snorkeling Spots

Make the best of Raja Ampat archipelago

Snorkeling Cruise RAJA AMPAT | 8 Days / 7 Nights

Central & South Raja Ampat, 
Waisai to Sorong

11th May
5th June
2nd, 11th & 21st Aug
9th & 19th Nov
3rd Dec

Departures 2023:
10th Jan
3rd & 13th Mar
29th Apr
23rd May

280$ per day instead of 325$
Total 2235$/person FULL BOARD

Up to 3 snorkeling sessions/day

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Snorkeling Cruise Raja Ampat 8 days 7 nights

Day 1 : Sorong to Waisai

On the first day of cruise, the cruise director and divemaster will pick you up from your hotel or airport and take you to the boat. 2 hours ferry separates you from Waisai, the entry habor of Raja Ampat, where the vessel waits for you. Once on board, relax and enjoy a welcome drink while the cruise director briefs you with the on-board safety and rules. After the short briefing, take a seat in your cabins and discover your new home while waiting for the bell to announce lunch. After eating, you will have time to rest before going to one of your first paradisiac beaches for a first snorkeling dive. Later, we will lift the anchor to proceed to the next destination.

Day 2 : Friwen & Kri islands

We will drop the anchor in front of Pulau Urai for one of our secret snorkeling spots. As you approach a sumptuous beach, discover a rich reef with multicolored hard corals, parrotfish, batfish, surgeons and maybe even your first turtle or your first shark. For your second activity, we will set foot on Friwen Island where you will visit a typical village of Raja Ampat. Another snorkelling session will take you drifting along a 20-meter-deep wall covered with anemones and vivid red corals. After lunch, you can discover Kri Island for another drifting snorkeling! Barracuda, big-headed Trevally, reef sharks and countless fish… At the end of the day, the boat will drop the anchor in Yenbuba Bay. Your first sunset on the deck will allow you to spot dolphins or other fishes.

Day 3 : Mansuar Island

Wake up in the sublime area of Yenbuba Bay and start your day with a snorkeling session in front of the Yenbuba village, pontoon that you will visit afterwards! On the wooden pillars of this pontoon grow gorgonians and other soft corals while oriental sweetlips, carrangues and soldier fish gather, finding refuge in this submerged structure. Your second snorkeling is very close, on the corner of Mansuar Island. Jump into the current among jacks, barracudas, fusiliers and other fish and drift over a splendid coral garden where turtles, rays and sharks are commonly seen. After lunch, you will go for a third dive in Tanjung Putus. As soon as you get back on board, we will head to Wayag.

Day 4 : Wayag Archipelago

This day is dedicated to the incredible and unique Wayag Archipelago. Untouched paradisiac environment, magnificent land and sea topography, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place. Explore the archipelago by speedboat to measure its splendor, climb to the top of Mount Pindito to measure its extent and dive around its landforms or take a kayak ride to contemplate its nature. If conditions allow, you will enjoy a BBQ on our private beach. After an unforgettable dinner in a dream setting, the boat will cruise to Aljui Bay.

Day 5 : Wofoh Island

Welcome to Jurassic Park. You wake up surrounded by this luxuriant nature to the sound of birdsong that celebrates the beginning of the day. A speed boat tour is set for you this morning. Enjoy an exceptional special cruise before heading back to Wofoh Island where you will do your first dive in a shallow coral garden or along a wall covered with life, as you prefer. The place is also suitable for kayaking and paddle boarding. Sheltered from the currents, enjoy the calm and silence of this magical place. Another snorkeling session awaits you in Yeben, a desert island surrounded by reefs where sharks and tuna are almost always guaranteed. We will spend the night here before sailing to Pyanemo Island early in the morning.

Day 6 : Pyanemo Island

Welcome to Pyanemo, one of the most famous places of Raja Ampat. Incredible snorkeling around the islets of Melissa’s Garden, Batu Rufus or even Keruo Channel awaits you. Observe large Napoleon fish, Barracudas, sharks and thousands of colorful fishes in breathtaking coral gardens with varied topographies. Plateau, wall, tunnel, everything here is made for the pleasure of the eyes. At the end of the day, you will descend ashore for a short excursion to one of the best-known viewpoints in the archipelago. While the sun's rays reflect the beauty of its sunset, admire the natural configuration of the islets of Pyanemo with the beautiful Phinisi in the background, waiting for your return onboard.

Day 7 : Arborek & Mioskon Island

This morning, you will do a snorkeling dive in Arborek area with the aim of meeting the famous, graceful and impressive manta rays. Let yourself drift above one of their cleaning stations where these majestic giants come to swim peacefully. For your second dive, we will return to Mansuar Island to stop in front of Saundarek village. Life here is abundant, near the village pier, dozens of species evolve in tight benches to create a breathtaking spectacle of life. Huge giant clams live under the pier, a delight for photographers. In the afternoon, the boat will park near Mioskon Island for a final snorkel session. Above a shallow reef, thousands of small fishes scroll by at the speed of light. Surely one last experience that you will not forget. At the end of the day, enjoy a wonderful sunset and a quiet dinner in the shelter of Mioskon Island. After dark, we will sail back to Sorong and you will arrive at the port in the early morning.

Day 8 : Disembarkation in Sorong

Depending on your flight schedule, your pick-up has been arranged. After a delicious last breakfast onboard, a souvenir photo with the whole crew and warm memories sharing, it's time to say goodbye and check-out.

* Please note that the itinerary and services mentioned above are subject to be changed if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require the captain or the crew to do so. However, we will always do our best to stick to this program.

Incredible Fauna & Flora

Can you imagine all the range of habitats and outstanding marine life you will encounter? Even better, it is possible to witness all this, only in the top few meters from the surface. With crystal clear waters, snorkeling in Raja Ampat will give you endless opportunities and it will be one of the most memorable underwater experiences you will ever have. This wonderful archipelago has it all, an abundance of pristine, shallow reefs, diverse habitats, good visibility, and warm water temperatures.

While snorkeling in Raja Ampat, you will appreciate the full array of hard and soft corals, in every colour and shape imaginable, supporting huge schools of reef fish and all their associated predators. Just to have an idea of what you will encounter, think of blue spotted stingrays, blacktip reef sharks, scorpion- and crocodile fish, batfish and schools of Jackfish, school of bumphead parrot fish. In some of the favorite snorkel sites, you can see large groups of turtles and the gentle giants Manta Rays, sharks, including the docile Wobbegong, even sometimes dolphins, always happy to interact with those snorkeling amongst them. The list of what you will encounter in this world class snorkelling destination is unlimited, from tiny macro creatures, such as Pygmy Seahorses, to some of the largest animals found in our oceans - including Whales at the correct time of year. You can even do night snorkel, where you will almost always meet the endemic Papuan Bamboo Shark.

Oceanic Manta Ray Raja Ampat

Few of the best Snorkeling sites

Given the amount of phenomenal snorkeling sites in Raja Ampat, we only mention below some of the best, however, keep in mind there are many other sites worth exploring: Sauwandarek Jetty in Dampier Strait:

Sauwandarek Village is located on the Southern coast of Pulau Mansuar. It might sound strange, but snorkeling between the vertical wood pilings you will see sea fans and amazing healthy pink soft coral clinging to the structure. Fish of all sizes congregate around the jetty and only around 100 meters in front of it, there is a cleaning station where big fish hang out. Some of the mind-blowing variety of marine life you will encounter are: turtles, giant groupers and swirling schools of barracuda, colorful sweet lips, trigger fish, reef sharks, angel fish, napoleon wrasse, school of bright blue and yellow fusiliers. This is one of the most picturesque spots for snorkelling in Raja Ampat.

Manta Sandy in Dampier Strait: there are a few large cleaning stations where snorkelers can have an amazing view of these majestic giant’s mantas. The underwater topography is ideal for trapping a large concentration plankton on the surface, which attracts the rays for a tasty snack. This means an incredible encounter with mantas right on the surface, sometimes it is even possible to see 20 rays at a time.

Batu Lima in Pulau Gam: Batu Lima, which means “5 Rocks”, is located 300 meters or so from Yenanas Beach. There are five large rock formations that stick out of the water, sitting towards the end of the peninsula. Around the rocks, there are many coral bommies covered in the huge wonderful pinks and purples gorgonian fans at just a few meters from the surface. There are plenty of colorful fish as well and this unusual formation of nooks and crannies is a fun place to explore and look for the hiding fish.

Colorful Sweetlips Raja Ampat

Many Snorkeling options

What makes Raja Ampat so unique is the impressive diversity of sites, everything from clear blue mangroves to village jetties bursting with colorful life. It owns a variety of shallow reef systems, with an array of corals and reef fish, all seen with outstanding water clarity. Now, if you like to get off the beaten track, in pristine reefs and the idea is to be alone or with few other snorkelers, consider Batanta or West Waigeo. You can also try the amazing sites around Friwen, and at Kri’s West end and Southern shore.

Raja Ampat Impressive Landscapes and Snorkeling

Weather conditions & best seasons

Snorkeling in Raja Ampat is possible all year round, although not all sites are accessible at the same time due to some seasonal changes. The best months are from October till April when conditions allow exploration of most of the snorkel sites in the area, and when you can see more Manta Ray due to the high levels of Plankton.

Between July and September, the weather and water conditions can be a little less reliable, although it is still very possible to snorkel and can be more appealing for some visitors, given lower numbers of tourists. Water temperatures in Raja Ampat are always pleasant, ranging from 27 to 30 Celsius degrees.

Since there are several snorkel sites, your best option to experience these pristine and untouched reefs with tons of marine life, is to board a liveaboard cruise offering snorkeling trips, giving you the opportunity to visit these stunning islands whilst snorkeling among the world’s best sites.

Best Season to Snorkeling Raja Ampat