An incredible animal surrounded by believes

  • A mythic marine animal of South-East Asia

    Dugong is a mammal marine animal that has its population spread within the Indo-Pacific Ocean. This animal is part of numerous surprising believes among the different populations and culture of South-East Asia. Luckily, it is easy to encounter this mythic animal on the coasts of Indonesia, especially at some specific dive sites!

    Dugong in South-East Asia

    Sail along the prestigious Ring of Fire and its numerous islands

    Diving Cruise BANDA SEA

    | 14 Days / 13 Nights | 6594 € Full Board

    Alor islands & Banda Sea,
    Ambon to Kaimana

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    2024 October 11th to 24th

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    Where can we find the Dugong?

    This species is mostly present in the Indo-Pacific Ocean between the coasts of China and Vietnam in the North to the North coast of Australia in the South. Therefore, Indonesia is at the perfect location to discover this amazing species. You can easily spot it in Banda Sea and West Papua, you will always find Dugongs on the coasts as it feeds and depends on seagrass. More precisely, the best locations to encounter this marine animal are in bays and mangrove channels. With the Liveaboard we offer, your best chance to encounter the Dugong is by going to Alor Island and we can organize a special excursion to admire them. The other possibilities will be during your cruise in Banda Sea, in Triton Bay, or in West Papua region.

    Where to see Dugong

    An endangered species

    Unfortunately, the Dugong is considered as an endangered species due to its overfishing, especially in areas such as Northern Australia and Pacific islands. Hopefully, the Dugong is now listed among the species that are banned from trade of derived products and is protected in many countries. For thousands of years, this species was looked after for its meat and oil. Even though the Dugong has an impressive lifespan of 70 years in average, it has a pretty low reproduction rate that makes it and ageing population.

    Dugong family

    Animal behavior

    The Dugong are often seen in couple or pair, and rarely as large groups. This is due to their feeding habits on seagrass that do not support big population. However, in some rare occasions, it is possible to find them gathering by hundreds. They communicate through chirps, whistles, barks, and other sounds that echo underwater. They have a poor eyesight and use their smell to identify edible plants and constant physical contact with their calves. They spend most of their live at an average of 10 meters deep, and even though they are considered as shy, it is easy to dive with them. They hold their breath for about 2 and a half minutes before heading back to the surface. This fascinating animal does not have fully known behavior and remain mysterious in many ways!

    Dugong Behaviour


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