Do you ever feel the need to help others? Do you want to make the safest of each dive? Don’t hesitate and sign-in to the Rescue & React Right course, prevent and react properly is fundamental in every kind of emergency situation, especially underwater.

The content of the whole course is very interesting. The learning will push your limits, help you progress and manage any kind of diving emergency situation. And for a more realistic teaching, all the training is based on real dive accidents.

The first day of the course is dedicated to the learning of first aid technics. Of course, this teaching will also be useful in your everyday life. In case of incident, you will know what to do!

On the second day, we will work on the Rescue Diver theory along with some technical exercises in the swimming pool. You will learn how to deal with a panicked diver at the surface as well as underwater and also how to bring back an unconscious diver to the shore or boat.

We will also teach you how to organize a search rescue and more…
Our instructors are the best at putting you in the situation, they are very imaginative and will play struggling divers. Show us how you can manage this!


This is a fascinating course, full of surprises and very fulfilling for all levels!

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Rescue & React Right
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Rescue & React Right Course
Dive Master Course in Nusa Lembongan

Rp 20.670.000 ~1220

4 Weeks min

Unlimited Dives

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Your best diving experience in Bali is just one click away

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