Join our Tulamben's team for this life changing internship.

Develop your leadership abilities with the best dive professionals in Bali.
Start supervising diving sessions and assisting our instructors during their courses.

You will learn everything to make you a better diver: guiding certified divers, dive planning regardless the weather conditions, develop your knowledge in physiology, physics, decompression theory, equipment and environment.

During your diving sessions, you will be able to improve your scuba diving level, to demonstrate skills to students and to supervise refreshment sessions for divers who have not dived in more than 6 months.

You will also do exercises in the swimming pool as well as in the sea to test your competences in practicing what you have learned. You will be prepared physically to answer any student difficulty and to organize an emergency diving plan for our dive center. Finally, you will learn how to map a dive site so you can transfer your knowledge to others.
Of course, you will also have a proper introduction to scuba diving gears and dive compressors maintenance to always give the best to the divers. And you will learn sales and marketing technics of the scuba diving world.

You will have all the keys to succeed in your career!

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Your best diving experience in Bali is just one click away

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Your best diving experience in Bali is just one click away

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