Triton Bay

A mythic peninsula

Dive Liveaboard Triton Bay

Poseidon Trident

Triton Bay is a mythic peninsula located at the extremity of West Papua. The peninsula is named after its particular shape that reminds us of the Poseidon trident when seen from above. It is considered as a paradisiac area and is a must do in every diver’s bucket list. The area is considered as thought after or off the beaten track as it is difficult to access by land. However, it is easy to access with a liveaboard!

Saw Blade Shrimp

Go diving with Whale Sharks in Triton Bay!

Diving Cruise TRITON BAY & SOUTH RAJA AMPAT | 10 Days / 9 Nights

Cruise in Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, 
Sorong to Kaimana or
Kaimana to Sorong 

Departures 2022:
9th Feb
- 22nd Feb

Departures 2023:
31st Jan
13rd Feb

360$ per day instead of 400$
Total 3600$/person FULL BOARD

Up to 4 dives/day

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Liveaboard Triton Bay & South Raja Ampat

Day 1 : Embarkation in Sorong

In the morning we will pick you up at the airport or at your hotel located in Sorong area. You will receive a warm welcome once onboard and we will offer you a refreshing drink. We will do a small briefing and take you to your cabin. We will lift the anchor and start cruising South Raja Ampat.

Days 2 & 3 : South Raja Ampat

The South Raja Ampat is famous for its numerous world-class dive sites. In the South of Misool Island, you will find the dives sites of Boo, Yuliet, Fiabacet, Wayibalatan, Daram and Sagof… All these areas are composed of exceptional dive sites and we will have enough time within these two dives to cover most of them. We will do 4 dives per day and show you the most of South Raja Ampat.

Day 4 : Boo

In the morning, we will have enough time to go for three dives in Boo area, next to Misool. We will choose the dive sites according to your preferences and what you want to see. In the afternoon, you will enjoy the boat during the cruise to Pulau Pisang.

Day 5 : Pulau Pisang

Pulau Pisang mean “Banana Island”, no need to describe the vegetation growing on the land… In the water, we will go diving in T-Bone dive site which is a ridge that separates two islands. There is a big slope that leads to many elephant ear sponges! Two dives will be done in this area, as it is full of exceptional marine flora… In the afternoon, we will dive on the Dome dive sites which is a big seamount full of life. In the evening, we will head to Momon area.

Day 6 : Momon

Momon is the name of an area where there is an emblematic waterfall falling down the ocean. It is a unique place where wonderful dive sites are available. We will do 2 morning dives and go for an excursion to the top of the waterfall in the afternoon. It is a memorable day, a unique experience awaits you. Then, we will start crossing to Triton Bay.

Day 7 : Triton Bay

4 dives are scheduled today, we will go for two dives in the morning and two dives in the afternoon. The dive sites are yet to be chosen as we will do according to your preferences and to the conditions. Among the choices, we have the dive sites of Larry’s heaven, Bo’s Rainbow, Flasher Beach and many dive sites located in the strait that separates Aiduma Island and Southwest Papua.

Day 8 : Triton Bay area

Today, we will go for three other dive sites in Triton Bay area, we will do the one we did not explore yesterday. We have plenty of choice, this area is fruitful of world-class dive sites offering pelagic, colorful healthy corals and few macro sites.

Day 9 : Dive with Whale Sharks

Since, we always pick the right season, we will go finding the whale sharks under the local fishing boats. It is very common to find them hanging around in this area very early in the morning since all the fishes are more than abundant. Later, we will sail a bit more to reach Triton Bay where we will go for two wonderful dives.

Day 10 : Disembarkation in Kaimana

We will be arrived in Kaimana area in the morning, we will make a last great breakfast onboard, exchange some pictures and contacts with the group, start the check-out and say bye to the crew. Then, we will drive you back to the airport or to a hotel in Kaimana area if you plan to stay longer in West Papua.

* Please note that the itinerary and services mentioned above are subject to be changed if force majeure, unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances require the captain or the crew to do so. However, we will always do our best to stick to this program.

What’s special about Triton Bay?

We can easily compare Triton Bay to Raja Ampat as they are part of the region of Indonesia. You will find similar topography and species as in Raja Ampat archipelago. However, being located much further in the South, Triton Bay enjoys different currents and therefore a slightly different flux of nutrients. This gives to the area an exceptional level of soft coral coverage. Triton Bay is famous for its black coral reefs and forests that spread as far as eyes can see. This remote region is only visited by few liveaboards, and you always get this amazing spirit of being privileged and a pioneer when cruising in the area!

Large School of Fish

The God of the Sea

Triton Bay is considered by expert divers as the God of the Sea. It is much more diversified than some Raja Ampat areas as we can find some new unique species of gobies, wrasses and corals. Triton Bay and its current make home to a pot of pilot whales and you can even spot some Whale Sharks going back to the surface! Moreover, you will have the chance to find Epaulette sharks, schools of jacks and fusiliers, squadrons of bump head parrotfish and much more…
Among all these majestic pelagic, you will also find interesting critters’ species such as frogfish, ornate ghost pipefish, wonderpus, pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs galore. It also makes the area the perfect spot for Macro lovers.

Epaulette Shark in Triton Bay

The on-land treasures

Triton Bay is also full of surprises on land. The vegetation is very wild given that the human impact is minimize, you can expect green landscapes and distant villages where people live on their own miles away from modern civilization. Even more impressive: some prehistoric paintings have been found on the cliff of Triton Bay and in caves of the surroundings. The paintings represent some fishes, turtles, lizards, crocodiles, sea horses, snakes, and birds among other symbols. This could be expressed by ancestors as a way to pass on other generations about their lifestyle and perception of their home. These ancient drawings are threatened by water damage, erosion, graffiti and risk of cliff collapse but they are protected as part of the local heritage of Namatota Island.

Triton Bay and Kaimana

What is the best diving season?

The best season to visit and most importantly dive in Triton Bay is from October to April. Coming within this window, you will appreciate better sea conditions and underwater visibility. The region of West Papua records two wet seasons a year, in November/December and July/August. There are the months to avoid to get the best of the area. The water remains between 27 to 30°C all year round.

Best season to go to Triton Bay


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