You will see how inhabitant of the wreck are different after night fall, a large school of Humphead parrotfish settled their "dormitory" on  the Liberty.
Groupers are hunting at this point of the day, and they will get pretty close to you, those smart guys will use your torchlight bean to find their dinner easily, quite often a giant moray eel is joining a lonely grouper, those two are an efficient pair of predators.
For Macro lovers... there is a LOT to see, many kind of shrimps, crabes & nudibranchs are also out of their shelter for dinner.
And to makes this dive even more special, you'll be allowed to cover your torch light bean a bit during the safety stop to enjoy the bioluminescent plankton, it's a kind of magic moment.

Cute-Pufferfish-during-night-dive-in-tulamben thumbnail
Spanish-Dancer-variation thumbnail
Hermit-crab thumbnail
Humphead-parrotfish-night-dive-on-the-Liberty thumbnail
Hornet-ghost-pipefish-night-dive-in-Tulamben thumbnail
Blue-spotted-stingray-on-night-dive-on-the-Liberty-wreck thumbnail
Nudibranchs-&-Emperor-shrimp thumbnail
Nudibranchs-mating-liberty-wreck-night-dive thumbnail


Fishes and critters are not the only one to gather their food actively at night, Corals are also wild open and ready to catch some zooplankton or organic debris, depending on their diet. You will also observe a lot of colorful Christmas tree worms on the wreck. The night dive on the Liberty wreck offers such a bright and colorful experience.

Christmas-tree-worms thumbnail
Spanish-Dancer-Eggs-on-the-Liberty-wreck thumbnail
Electric-clam-night-dive-Tulamben thumbnail
Blue-Sea-Squirts thumbnail
Flying-feather-start-during-night-dive-on-the-Liberty thumbnail
Opened-Fan-Worm-night-dive-Tulamben thumbnail
Soft-corals-on-the-Liberty-wreck-by-night thumbnail


The wreck lies between 5 and 28 meters deep, lying on its right flanc. The bridge finds itself vertically sea side. The bow to the West, the stern to the East where we can still very well identify the huge helm. One of the two cannons is still visible under its turet to the front of the ship at a depth of 28 meters.


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