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Balinese praying
  • The Balinese people

    Since the early 10th century and until the 20th century, Bali was ruled by native kingships who enriched and shaped the Balinese culture. Nowadays, we can count around 4 million inhabitants in Bali. However, around 90% of Bali’s population is considered as historically Balinese, the rest of the population coming from various islands in Indonesia (mainly coming from East Java and Lombok). This brings incredible ethnic diversity in Bali and mix many people and cultures in harmony.
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    Balinese People

    The Balinese culture

    Bali has conserved its historical culture throughout the years and you can still notice and live the authentic Bali through the many religious days, ceremonies, dance, art, processions, temples… For example, you can see Hindu temples everywhere in Bali some being more important than others. Every Balinese family has a family temple at their home and even at their businesses in order to make daily offerings to ensure peace and prosperity. The beliefs remain very strong and this is what makes the most of the Balinese culture.

    Balinese Dance

    The Mother Temple

    The great temple of Pura Besakih is considered as the Mother of all temples and Hindu religion in Bali. We can record trace of its construction back in the 15th century and it has been built in on a very sacred place, a place of worship old for more than 2000 years. This sacred place is a complex of 23 related temples located on the southern slope of the majestic volcano Mount Agung. The place offers an incredible view on the surroundings, the whole mixed with its religious atmosphere. Balinese gather at this holy place to hold more than 70 festivals every year!


    Tirta Gangga Temple

    This famous water temple is one of the most iconic places in Bali! This temple and its gardens have been built on a very sacred place by the last king of Karangasem in mid 20th century. The name Gangga comes from the blessed Hindu river Ganges as the water from the area is considered as holy. It is a real pleasure to walk around the beautiful garden and bath in the sacred water of the temple. It is also very famous as this is the best spot for exceptional pictures!

    Tirta Gangga

    Exceptional Buddhist Temple

    Brahmavihara-Arama is a Buddhist temple monastery located in the North of Bali. It is a beautiful temple which represents the smaller Buddhist community in Bali. It represents perfectly the impressive diversity of the island of cohabitation between religions. This temple has been built with a lot of Hindu influence. You can find a traditional and beautiful Buddhist Pagoda, gardens and a similar architecture to the famous Borobudur Buddhist Temple from Java with its numerous small domes…


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