The Largest underwater creatures in Bali

Bali's BIG 5

Whale Shark Diving
  • Manta and Eagle Rays in Bali

    The majestic Manta Rays are easily spotted on the south coast of Nusa Penida. You have the most chance to see them in Manta Point where we go diving almost every day. Manta can also be seen in Manta Bay. In Bali, you have the exceptional chance to see Manta rays all year round! The Mantas are gathering at the bottom of the cliffs of Nusa Penida, where a swell coming directly from the Indian Ocean reaches the islands.

    The eagle rays are mostly seen in the blue of Menjangan, Nusa Lembongan, and Penida, unlike Mantas, Eagle Rays are pretty shy and will always keep their distance from divers.
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    Manta Ray ray in Bali Manta Point

    The unique Mola Mola

    Yes, we can also encounter the mighty Mola Mola in Bali, especially on the coasts of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida! This exceptional specie comes right from the deep to have a glimpse of the surface between the months of July and October. Eventually, they can reach the surface but most commonly divers can reach them between 6 and 40 meters deep. The rest of the year, this incredible creature leaves at depths around 600m!
    Encounter one of them is the dream of every diver and you can meet the Mola Mola while diving in Bali!

    Mola Mola - Sunfish

    Exceptional sharks

    The amazing Bali diversity offers you some quite thought-after sharks! Black tip and White tip Reef sharks can be found all around Bali. The largest Shark diversity is around Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan as they will be more welcome by the big oceanic waters. We have some beautiful Thresher, Sand Tiger, Wobbegong, and Bamboo sharks. Fun Fact about the Thresher shark: they have unique long fin tails which allow them to stun their prey.

    And… we have some Whale sharks passing by from time to time around Bali's coasts during their migration! This event is pretty rare but you feel incredibly lucky when you encounter this majestic ocean giant!

    Thresher Shark

    Humphead Wrasse / Napoleon Wrasse

    The Humphead Wrasse is common in Bali but it's rare to see more than two specimens at once. You can encounter this big fish on the East coast of Bali, swimming on the wrecks or in the big blue next to Nusa Lembongan & Penida.
    Some of these impressive Napoleon can weigh up to 200 kg! We have a Napoleon individual hanging around The USAT Liberty Wreck & Coral Garden in the afternoon, this guy is huge and weighs at least 80kg! He also comes by the wreck to get cleaned up by other fishes.

    Humphead Wrasse - Napoleon Wrasse

    Cetaceans around Bali

    You have quite some chance to see dolphins in Nusa Lembongan at sunset, as they are paying in the waves from Jungutbatu to Devil's Tears, and if you are lucky, you may ear and see them while diving.
    Last but not least, we can encounter some common rorquals, even if it's the smallest rorqual, this specie is still a part of the largest group of baleen whales! This is very impressive when you spot them swimming in the blue or at the surface… There 2 or 3 individuals passing by in the area during their migration, most probably from the same family! The best time to encounter them is from September to November.

    Dolphin under the wave

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